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Open Food Network

Food, unincorporated.

Sometimes the best way to fix the system is to start a new one.

We begin from the ground up.

With farmers and growers ready to tell their stories proudly and truly. With distributors ready to connect people with products fairly and honestly. With buyers who believe that better weekly shopping decisions can seriously change the world.

Then we need a way to make it real. A way to empower everyone who grows, sells and buys food. A way to tell all the stories, to handle all the logistics. A way to turn transaction into transformation every day.

So we build an online marketplace that levels the playing field. It’s transparent, so it creates real relationships. It’s open source, so it‘s owned by everyone.

It scales to regions and nations, so people start versions across the world.

It works everywhere. It changes everything.

We call it Open Food Network.

We all love food. Now we can love our food system too.


We’re layered like an onion.

Open Food Network is a holarchy, made up of self-organised layers
working to create new and better food systems around the world.


We’re layered like an onion.



Open Food Network is a holarchy, made up of self-organised layers
working to create new and better food systems around the world.


Global Foundation

A global not-for-profit, founded on open source code and principles. It licenses the platform to non-profit partners and supports them to bring OFN to life in their region.


Regional Platforms

The not-for-profit software platform connects and empowers food producers and hubs in regions or countries. They reach new markets, network, and tell their stories.


Localised Shopping

Where people buy awesome food from local producers and hubs they know and trust. It’s diverse, transparent, local and sustainable. It’s transaction as transformation.

You work with food. We work with you.


Food Producers

Farmers, Growers, Makers,
Picklers, Mixers & More

Sell your food and tell your stories to diverse new markets. Save time and money on every overhead. We take the risk out of innovation. We enable collaboration. We level the playing field.



Food Hubs

Movers, Distributors,
Retailers, Wholesalers.

Reach new markets, find new food suppliers, build new networks. Do it cheaper, faster and better. We’re more than your online store, we’re a platform. We match your model, we support your change.



Food System Partners

Bring Open Food Network
to your part of the world.

Food systems we love need collaboration, trust and logistics. They need software that empowers us. We’re non-profit, and we’re open source. We’re ready to partner the food movement in your part of the world.


Help us build a food system we love.

We’re non-profit. We’re social enterprise. We’re open source.
Hundreds of people and organisations support us. Here’s how you can.

Our major funders make it possible.

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