Food producers, empowered.

A better platform to sell your food.

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We understand.

We understand being a producer because we come from the land. We love our independence, and support yours. We’re a non-profit working to bring fairness back to food.

We match your model.

You could be anyone. A large or small beef farmer. A commodities grower. A primary producer ready to experiment with change. An artisan adding value, or a medium-sized grower being squeezed out of the system.

You could be a regenerative farmer looking for direct market access, or an organic grower expanding your channels. You could be selling free-range eggs at farmers markets.

If you produce food, we’re designed for you.

We meet your needs.

You need a better way to hold the value of your work. You need direct connection to new buyers, and to diverse logistics partners. You need the choice to tell your story told across wholesale, across retail, or across the kitchen table.

You need all the power of your own online shop, without any of the headaches. You need software to cut overheads and make innovation easy. You need a platform to strengthen and protect your future.

You need Open Food Network.

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