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Open Food Network Australia

The Australian Open Food Network is the first Open Food Network!  The Open Food Network is the flagship project of the Open Food Foundation, a non-profit, registered charity established in October 2012. Co-founded by Kirsten Larsen and Serenity Hill the Open Food Network started as a little experiment with a van, some farmers and some friends.

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Open Food Network UK

The OFN UK team have been working since 2014 to extend to OFN software, adding the features UK Food Hubs need. In January 2016 the team secured funding for a national roll out. OFN UK is now a fast-growing co-operative of producers and food enterprises across the UK.

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Open Food Network Scandinavia

Gathering together a network of individuals, communities, farmers, cooperatives and NGOs interested in local and regional food systems to co-develop the platform for Scandinavia.

By sharing our network, resources and funding, we can simultaneously build the platform for the entire Nordic Region efficiently using our time and energy.

We are reaching out to groups in Sweden, Denmark and Finland who are showing interest in bringing the OFN to where they live. We are coordinating our efforts and helping communicate the needs of each respective country to build a multilingual/multi-currency platform.

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Open Food Network Canada

OFN Canada is working to turn the food system on its head and put greater control in the hands of sustainable food farmers, purveyors and eaters.  Using OFN as a starting point, we are a registered not-for-profit working to connect, enable, and ignite Canada’s local, green, healthy and fair food initiatives, connect them to eaters,  and contribute to a global food commons that connects such initiatives around the world.

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Open Food France

Open Food France aims to serve as a community and a public infrastructure to decentralize the food system and get back the control of the food supply chain in producers and eaters’ hands. We want to facilitate the French citizen food ecosystem, document and share the food hubs models, duplicate best practices, and increase the visibility and consciousness of how big this movement is. We believe that in a few years, there will be food hubs everywhere, in every building, neighborhood, school, university, company. We are providing tools, connexions and knowledge to make that possible.

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