Food hubs, connected.

A stronger platform to sell and distribute food.

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We understand.

We understand your needs because we’ve spent 10 years learning about them. We’re as creative as your business model, as committed as your team. We’re non-profit, we’re independent and we’re open-sourced.

We match your model.

Whatever your model of food hub, we’re here to support you. However your model changes, we’ll change with you.

You could be anyone. You could be just starting out, or an established industry leader. A consumer cooperative. A retailer, a wholesaler, or a distributor. You could be a group of buyers based out of a school community. You could be a next-generation food hub. You could sell regionally, you could sell across a major city. You could be a bunch of volunteers working out of a shed.

We meet your needs.

You need better backend systems. You need efficiency and flexibility. You need to reach new customers. You need access to new producers. You need a front end that’s more than just your own online shop.

You need a platform to connect, to share ideas, to develop your systems, and to make your work sustainable. You need the software you wish someone had made years ago.

You need Open Food Network.

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