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We’re ready to partner the food movement in your part of the world.

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We transform food systems fairly.

We understand your passion for changing the food system. It’s why we get out of bed every day. We’re a global non-profit, based on open source code.

We know you have big ideas, and we want to help. We’ll share our knowledge, networks and resources. We know that connection creates change, so we’ll partner with you. We understand it’s hard to get funding, so we’ll use our experience and reputation to help.

We meet you where you are.

You might be an alliance of food hubs, producers, or distributors. You might be a national advocacy body, a regional government, or a farmers market association. You might be an incorporated food hub, or an informal collective.

Whatever your role in your local food movement, we’re ready to help. However you come to wonder what Open Food Network would look like in your part of the world, or what it’s already doing, let’s start the conversation.

We move the food movement.

You need to activate and enable your networks, we offer a platform for conversation and action. You need real engagement. We’ll help reach all the players, all the stakeholders, all the sectors.

You need resourcing. We’ll bring all our experience to bear. You need cooperation. We’ll better connect you to a global network of peers. You need diverse approaches, we’ll help you learn from every context imaginable. You need a platform and driver for the conversations that count.

You need Open Food Network.

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