Changing the food system takes partnership and trust.
It takes logistics, resources, and software.
We’re non-profit, we’re open source, and we’re ready
to partner the food movement in your part of the world.

For food producers and food hubs.

Join an online marketplace

Create an online shopfront and join an independent network. Set up a Producer Shop and sell your products direct to customers, or create a Food Hub and sell products from multiple producers.

Connect with new customers

Reach a growing crowd of buyers making their shopping choices based on much more than price, and benefit from the sustainability, ethics, and quality that make your business unique.

Manage your business online

Real online tools for your day-to-day business operation. Manage product listings and stock levels. Manage orders and organise payments online. Generate invoices, export reports.

For food shoppers.

Buy direct, buy local

Buy your food from a range of producers and food hubs near you, lowering your food miles and helping you make sustainable food choices. It’s better for your family and the planet.

Learn about your food

The Open Food Network is alive with stories of the people who produced food. Learn about farming methods as you shop, see producer and seller margins make on each and every purchase.

Manage your shopping online

With online access to your local farmers market, you’ll get all the benefit of buying locally grown food from a range of producers, along with epic, internet-shaped convenience.

Search for food locally

You can search the Open Food Network for producers or food hubs in your area, search for particular types of products, or search for fields such as organic, grass-fed, or free range.

Pick up or delivery

Browse sellers in your area for a delivery or pick up option that suits you. Some sellers only deliver. Some nominate one or more pick-up options and some do both. Just choose whatever suits you.

Easy and direct payment

Sellers set up their own payment methods, including direct bank deposit, Paypal, and credit card. All payments are made directly, so no money passes through the Open Food Network.

To build your market.

Tell your story

Create a profile on the Open Food Network and gain exposure to a new marketplace of buyers. Tell your story in words and images and drive connections to your social and online presence.

Collaborate to promote

Promote your enterprise under a unique regional or premium brand. Form a group on the Open Food Network with other producers and hubs to attract more buyers to your offering.

Build wholesale networks

Connect with food hubs to sell your products to a new network of wholesale opportunities by connecting in your region, with new retailers ready to distribute your products to new buyers.

As an online platform.

Mobile & tablet friendly

We’ve built OFN to work on touch screens, and to scale to fit your device. Whether you’re on a personal computer, a tablet, or a smartphone, as long as you’re connected to the internet then you have full access to all features.

100% open source

The code we develop is publicly available for anyone to use and change. In addition, we are building up detailed documentation on the Open Food Commons for anyone who wants to go deeper. Learn more.

Crowd-sourced roadmap

We believe the best way to determine the roadmap of development for OFN is to ask the people with a vested interest – our users and supporters. We actively seek input via community forums on what and how new or improved features should be built. Learn more.